{September 1, 2011}   Lull

I had a nasty night –  thoughts swirling constantly, tossing & turning – in the end I only got 2-3 hours sleep & woke up with a quite permanently painful neck. My miracle-Ma brought me some tea & gave my neck a massage, but after she left I suddenly felt very depressed and had a little weep. Perfectly happy after, but couldn’t turn right for the whole day.

Not much happened thanks to that. I cancelled my exercise session & spent the day browsing thestudentroom.co.uk, playing video games with my brother & helping Ma make the cake & wrap presents for Dad’s birthday tomorrow. Plus I pencilled in a date in the calendar when we could chat about what important things I need to pack & what I should buy when I get there. My brother just graduated so he’ll be full of useful insider info, even though he went to a different Uni.

Anyway, I’m terribly sleepy now & I should really catch up with what I missed yesternight, so goodnight. oxo



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