{September 6, 2011}   Quiz Night, Cartoons and Lord of the Rings

Unfortunately the last couple of days have turned to admin, but today was broken by my brother arriving home from Amsterdam with shady details & a family visit to the pub for quiz night. Crappily I found out that I actually know nothing besides what the 7 sins are, and that I can still draw despite being out of practice a long while.

I think it’s fair to say that my brother had a fair bit of influence on the sillier pics & dialogues. As a general rule, his stuff’s in black & mine’s in red. I’m too tired to work out how the scanner connects to my mac, so they’re bad quality photos.

This one includes Professor Layton, the Cheshire Cat & above Chesh & to the left of Layton is my self-caricature. I didn’t know I was going to draw myself till long after the eyebrows were done, so they’re a little more Jack Nicholson than is reasonable, but then it is a caricature so it’s alright.

This next has my cartoon explanation of who Deborah Meaden is for my Ma & a cruel elaboration on an innocent drawing of hers of a man with sharp teeth eating a carrot.

And lastly some Doctor Who minis. It wouldn’t be a drawing session without them 🙂 I wish I could cartoon everyone so easily. Dear Rory isn’t there because he’s not so easily cartoonable…

During the day I managed to find a collection of behind-the-scenes videos from The Lord of the Rings films on Youtube, and by garr I never realised how incredible that whole team of people was. The amazing commitment they all had to the lifestyle, their characters, and MORALE! I never knew Viggo Mortensen was so dedicated or nutty. Just incredible, all of them. But poor Orlando Bloom, I don’t know whether he is hugely vane in reality or just happens to give off that air, but it stops him from being funny somehow 😦 Anyway, do have a look in at at least one video, there are many to be found on the tube and they are all worth finding, but here’s a good place to start:

Good night, or whatever according to whenever it is you’re reading this. oxoxo



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