{September 8, 2011}   Morgans – Gorgeous

Well yesterday I had a trip around the Morgan factory. Having lived in Malvern since I was piglet-size, it’s kinda silly that I’d never been before. It’s amazing just how much school eats your life up, but that’s a topic for another day.

For those who don’t know, Morgan cars are the only cars which remain genuinely British, and the only cars which are still made by hand. This doesn’t mean in any way that they’re less well built, in fact it means that every car is perfect, unique, tailor made to customer wants and is made with care. There’s love in those bones. They’re the only cars which are built using a wooden body. That doesn’t mean they’re backward or easier to break or splinter, the opposite in fact; the ash-wood body bends to absorb the force of a crash and won’t break, it actually defends the car, Morgans always do better in crash tests than cars without the wood body. They’re stylish, safe and speedy, and they’re not just for tweedy old men. For starters I love them, and I’m an 18 year old girl who doesn’t care about cars, can’t drive and doesn’t know what a carburetor is. And in terms of people who know stuff about cars without being tweedy or old, they’re Richard Hammond’s car of choice (I think, he certainly likes them a lot).

That’s my advertising done. If you want to know more then you really should go have a look around, although the tour was very long… Well if you’re a car person, go for it. If not then just give a google, pop into their showroom if you happen to travel near, and have a look at a few I snapped while I was there.

This next one makes my heart pop just a little bit.

There’s even 3-wheelers for the kids! Muy Expensive, but if people want it then why not supply it?

Ta ta & sleep well.



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