{September 11, 2011}   Cowboys, Aliens & Hormones

Well I haven’t blogged for a couple days because my hormones are up the duff – it doesn’t make sense but then neither does my behaviour this time of month thanks to them. No wonder the church has a thing against women – can’t blame them for thinking god had something against us by gifting us painful & dangerous birthing, the monthly curse and hormones that unleash alter-personas.

On a separate topic, I went to the cinéma yestereve (I LOVE that the spellcheck doesn’t pick up on that word!) and saw Cowboys and Aliens. For those who don’t already know, it’s a fantastic flick in which cowboys are attacked & must fight back against the invading aliens which stole their loved ones. The aliens have the advantage of stupidly advanced tech and being giant speedy brutes, while the cowboys have the advantage of being led by James Bond and Indiana Jones. Now, despite the title and the suitably simple description I’ve given, do not be discouraged. This is one of the best films I’ve seen for a long while.

It’s not simple, it’s not ridiculous, it’s not a kids’ film, it’s not cowboys & aliens for the sake of mixing genres. In fact, this film is so good that it uses amnesia as a central plot device and is in no way disappointing. It’s scary enough to be the kind of film you take your date to with the expectation of nervous hand holding, occasional jumps and comforting hugs/gropes, and not scary enough for a squeemish, horror-avoiding date to have assorted issues with. I say that, I’ve never had a cinéma date, but after this film I wanted one. What it has is pretty much everything else; it has action abound, occasional humour, horror without explicit gore, love & romance without getting sexual (which is incredibly rare in movies nowadays and very interesting to see), it’s got morals without ever preaching, the special fx are incredible, the soundtrack too (Harry Gregson-Williams, one of my favourite composers, Look Him Up)… Just go – if you haven’t seen it already go buy yourself a ticket and take someone who’s happy to be hugged or give hugs, because I know if that’d been the way with me, it would be a pretty darn perfect film.

But what do I know, I’m only a heathen woman :}



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