{September 15, 2011}   6 And An Experiment

6 days to go. I’m arriving in Uni on the first possible day so that I’ve got more time to get to grips with what things I need to get by & what I ought to own to make things easier. This way I’ll be able to post advice earlier and pretend I’m infallible when others arrive.

I thought I ought to start collecting what I’m packing. The main issue is you actually need very little to get by, but packing to support interests and hobbies, and paraphernalia and decor to make your new home homely… it’s just so hard to choose what to bring and what to leave! I’ve collected all my art-related things, and I’m sure if I pack like this for the rest of my hobbies we’ll be needing an extra car.


I had a go at a little experiment last night – the idea was to affect dreams by creating an audio to listen to that would play an audio track after a certain amount of time. I picked an upbeat 80s song to see whether either the lyrics or tempo would affect the dream’s content or feel. Problem was the audio file was too big to copy to my ipod, so I had to be plugged into my computer, & so had to stay close to the bed’s edge to stay plugged in. Woke up on the other side & unplugged, so mission failed. I’ll try again another time. One nice plus to trying to control my dreams is that when I do, I tend to end up having more interesting dreams anyway. That and Derren Brown has a habit of turning up, which is always nice. Besides Derren, I have a vague memory of pirates, train travel and visiting Dawn French’s house because my Ma had to befriend her for some reason. She was lovely but her dream-kids kept nicking my damn food. Grr.

I’ll cover dreams properly in a future blog, once Freshers is out of the way. Tonight I think I’ll just try wishing for good dreams. Or a half-nightmare (nothing like waking up after a trippy dream that got your heart-pounding without scaring you witless. Yes, this is what I’m aiming to induce with these experiments).


Sleep tight x



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