{September 16, 2011}   5 And A Funeral

There’s been a lot going on today. We’ve been trying to work my Freshers calendar around going to Rosie’s ‘funeral’. I say ‘funeral’ instead of funeral because it’s going to be a celebration of her life rather than your typical solemn, religion-focused do. I’d say she wouldn’t want it any other way but then I imagine she’d rather have had the celebrations pre-mortem so she could join in too. Or just not died 🙂 Love her, and have been given the honour of ‘eulogising’ at the ‘funeral’, reading collections of happy memories and reasons why she was awesome, from our acting group.

Besides that it’s life as normal for us. She really was incredible that her death could inspire me (and not in a bad or scary way) and that I could just get on with my life after. They say that really great people are those that, instead of making you feel inadequate in comparison, make you feel great too. Like kids going “I’m gonna be a hero like The Doctor!” rather than “I wish I had HER thighs…”, except probably less stereotyped.

——————-                            ——————-                            ——————-

My bro got a good job today and my parents got confused over dates of visiting friends & Freshers, rounded off the day with a game of Chess, of Cranium, and followed by ‘Outnumbered’ and ‘Would I Lie To You?’. I’m really too content and sleepy now to care about making this blog particularly interesting, so ha, short straw for you Mr Reader. Though the tiny critical voice in me wants to reassure you that tomorrow, I will be interesting.

Till then, na-night x



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