{September 18, 2011}   4, A Musical Overload And A Doctor

With just a few days till I leave, I decided to raid the house of all its music. The recently added playlist in my iTunes now boasts a total of 1050 items, making a grand total of 2634, most of the new being from my parents’ collection. This way I’ll have all the music I could possibly want and more, and if I don’t want anything I can just delete it from the computer. Sure it’ll mean there’ll be a few moments when a song comes on with shuffle that I & all of my flatmates are plain weirded by, but being a fan of Phil Collins I’m sure I’ll be impervious to musical-taste-slagging-off soon enough.


 Most importantly there was Doctor Who today. You can mess me about, forget my birthday, or steal my food and I’ll be understanding, but interrupt my watching of Doctor who and it’ll be… ooo entire DAYS before I forgive you. Anyway, today’s show was fantastic as usual – I’m loving the dark, psychological tone of episodes for this new Doc, very me. Had to leave watching Confidential (the behind-the-scenes) till tomorrow though. Shame. Anyway I don’t think I should review it – Doctor Who’s a marmite product, you love or hate it, and marmite products are meant to be tested first hand. It’s no good saying marmite’s yummy if it’s yummy for some and dog-lick for others. For the record, I think marmite’s alright, and I’m not alone in that. Now that I think of it, I know some who think Doctor Who’s just ‘alright’… I’ve ruined my argument haven’t I?

Well, the episode did have a couple of unexpected impacts of my life:

1. It ruined my 2nd experiment of the week. I was testing to see whether the fingernail strengthening & cuticle controlling products I was recommended actually worked by using it on just 1 hand. After 3 days of a smooth operation, I bit off 3 of my nails and maimed a 4th.

2. It gave me an idea to make a small difference at Uni. I’m planning on joining Cardiff’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy society, but thought I may not appreciate it or be appreciated so much being mostly only interested in Doctor Who. Now I figure – the society didn’t seem to have that many big events, and Cardiff is the home of Dr W – perhaps I could find a way to liase with or plead to BBC Wales to organise a visit to a Doctor Who set or something along those lines? I don’t know, perhaps I’m being hopelessly naïve, or perhaps they actually do this already. Either way it’s worth a shot.

Blah blah oox



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