{September 19, 2011}   2 Days To Go & The 3 Day Panic

The last couple of days have been pretty draining (hence no post yesterday). I’ve been up & down the random-worries-roller-coaster a couple of times, and now that I’m more familiar with the bumps & turns it’s not so scary.

It seems that all my fears revolve around the idea that it’ll somehow end up the way it was back in school (lots of cliques and none that are both awesome and not arrogant – scratch that last, I just mean none that are awesome. Only Iron Man can be arrogant and awesome)… which is a fair assumption considering that the school way is almost the only way I’ve ever known. Of course it’s completely untrue here – for me University means starting over the way you always wanted to be but felt too ‘stuck’ to change. It’s a fresh start, where you can be who you want, say what you want, and the only cliques left are organised into societies and/or are actually avoidable. Even if there are people that you have issues with, the new you can confront them, or have a whole city to hide from them in. It’s win-win!

Rounded off nicely today with toasted marshmallows, a pub quiz and ‘Galaxy Quest’ (watch it, Alan Rickman’s in it, everybody loves Alan). I swear this family’s trying to make me homesick as soon as possible, but there’s no way I can refuse such extravagant kindness.

Crud, got so much packing to do. Worst bit is choosing which books to bring & which to leave behind. Still, one more full day tomorrow… It’ll work out.

Night :} x



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