{September 24, 2011}   The Self-Catered Dilemma – An Original Poem

Do I go out for food or eat what I’ve got?

I have Miso soup – should I buy noodles to eat with it? And veggies?

I have peanut butter & bread – but I’ve had that twice in the past 3 days – is that healthy?

If I go out how far will I have to go to find what I want? I want to eat now.

What do I want anyway?

I have to go out sometime to buy the Die Hard Trilogy that the store set aside for me.

I have chocolate.

I could eat chocolate.

Then I’d have an energy boost and stave off the hunger a little while longer, so I could buy the movie & a proper meal.

If I go out now I’ll need to buy for supper as well. That’ll take longer.

I want to keep the chocolate till I need an emotional pick-me-up or general comforting.

I could have some peanut butter. I could have a half sandwich.

I kind of want pasta bolognese but I don’t have plate. Would a bowl work just as well?

My feet are kind of sore. If I go I should wear trainers, not boots. How far is it to the dvd shop?


F*** it, I’m having soup.



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