{September 25, 2011}   Dying Hard & Living Easy

Watched Die Hard last night for the 1st time. Wa-ha-how. This must be one of those films-you-gotta-see-before-you-croak films. I don’t quite understand why people think it’s such a guys’ film though. I mean is it all really so simple as girls only like romantic comedies and guys only like action and quick quips? Maybe it’s just me being mentally androgenous, but I like ’em both. With rom-coms you get classic romance & sweetness, charming men and all – fluff. In action films you get all giddy from the thrill & suspense & close-shaves. My blood-phobia kicked in in a strange way towards the end. There’s a scene involving Bruce’s feet which made me very squirmy, my right hand on my head (for comfort? Not sure, compulsive action), and convinced that I could feel everything in my neck. The weird part was that it had me questioning whether or not I had a crush on anyone who appeared onscreen within 3 minutes of seeing blood. “Oh, do I have a crush on Alan? Have I got a crush on Bruce? Have I got a crush on the scary sweaty, long-blonde-haired german who’s intent on killing – no I can’t that’s not… or do I? NO…?.” Plus when the end credits started I could have sworn it was Alan singing ‘Let It Snow!’, so that gave me a good laugh before I went to sleep.

Dreamt that someone was throwing up in our restroom. Apparently I wasn’t dreaming though as the toilet’s blocked. I’m off to the shopping centre to find a loo & look for soy sauce. Must avoid the DVD shop and their massive discounts, I have more than enough already.

…I wonder if they do student discounts?


Trying out Cravendale milk – you know, the one that genetically modifies cats just through the want of it. It’s quite nice. Very cheap. Review over.

My body clock seems to be adjusting to better fit that of my flatmates – I’ve been getting energy boosts that carry me futher through the night, which is great because in the evenings everyone leaves & I get the impulse to practice my juggling, which at the moment is quite poor & therefore quite noisy.

Now I’m packing to go home today so that it’s not so much of a rush to get to the funeral tomorrow. It’s going to be so nice to see everyone again. Come to think of it, this is the last day of proper-total relaxation. Tomorrow I have the funeral, on Tuesday University admin begins (school welcome & additional subject choices), and the whole week has societies trying to get people to join. Then of course the work starts. Point is this is my last day of absolutely zero commitments… That’s a lot of pressure on me to relax a lot today.



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