{September 26, 2011}   Tired

Well it’s been a long day. We traveled from Malvern to Bromsberrow for Rosie’s funeral, then back again, then after a cuppa and a hurried pack, back we went to Cardiff. By the time I’d unpacked I was feeling quite deliriously tired/hungry/emotionally drained. I went into the kitchen to fetch some water and make supper, but ended up having a very long chat with flatmates, eating ramen very slowly, drinking masses of water and showing off a certain coin sleight in which you make a coin jump from your hand. It’s hard to learn but so satisfying when it finally works.

I was going to watch a film, but all the chatting kept my mind away from how drained I really am. That and I know I have to get up early (for a student) to go for my department’s welcome speech and meet my personal tutor for the 1st time. I really hate being late for official things and I never want to leave my bed in the mornings, so I really ought to sleep now to be absolutely sure. Plus I’m not entirely sure where I have to go tomorrow & how to get there from here. Blessings upon Google Maps.

I’d like to talk about the whole issue of life, death & mortality sometime and mention Rosie a bit more, but now just isn’t the time. Plus it’s a little heavy for a blog that’s currently focused around  my Freshers Week experience.

Good night xox



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