{September 28, 2011}   Freshers Food

When you’re in your first week or two of university, the one of the last things you want to be doing is proper cooking. You may think you’ll want to before you arrive, you may learn family recipes and practice the art of sieving, but when you arrive, all you’ll have the energy for are sandwiches, microwaveable ready meals and bacon.

Now that I’m a little further into being here, my plan is to stock up on food that I know is good so that I only have to go shopping once or twice a week. This then gives me more time and energy to start doing the things I really want to, especially in this case, cooking properly. Yes I will soon be saying a fairly definitive goodbye to insta-foods and be moving on to making my own (and therefore better) foods from scratch. While that long goodbye technically starts to be said tomorrow and putting aside the fact that I may occasionally have to say hello again, I’d like to spend my blog today giving them a little send-off.


Having forgot to pack cutlery or plates (and not being allowed to buy cutlery if under 21*), I had to make do with using my bowls and any plastic cutlery I acquired by purchasing certain foods. I got 2 teaspoons and a fruit-spork.

Lovely set up here: peanut butter sandwich, spread with a spoon with the computer as a plate while I listen to Penn Jillette talk about something interesting (http://www.youtube.com/user/pennpoint).

This was a very long meal. Very satisfying actually, very filling and great taste. Just took a while is all. Nice challenge. I have cutlery now but I still like to use the fruit spork from time to time.


One thing that I discovered to my surprise is that a lot of microwave meals that are normally meaty but are made into vegetarian versions use a strange tomato-y vegetable mix which turns it into a sweet savoury dish. This is one of the few things that ticks me off – I love pasta but I hate sweet and savoury, or as it’s called, “sweet ‘n’ sour”. There is no sour. Why would you say that? And adding an ‘n’ doesn’t make it hip, so why do it? And of course it tastes bad too. Sweets are for pudding and savoury for the main – you don’t mush them together! If someone came along and put an ice-cream in your shepherd’s pie, you’d be bloody well pissed off! And you certainly wouldn’t eat it, no, that’s gag-worthy.

(On a side-note, GagWorthy sounds like a brilliant name for a band.)

The normal meaty dishes are wonderful though. That and the dishes that are meant to have vegetables to begin with, like a good, filling vegetable broth. I may be giving up on these things overall, but if I ever have a relapse then I know that it’ll be the bologneses, the carbonaras and the chicken & veggie broths that I’ll be bringing home. Spaghetti bolognese in a bowl in bed. Bliss.

I brought some lovely strawberry jam from home. Thought it was time I opened it and had a lovely fruity meal (the one exception of the sweet & savoury rule are sandwich style things: jam sandwiches, pancakes, etc.). It says that once it’s been opened you have to keep it in the fridge & consume within 6 weeks, so I jotted it down on my calendar. Turns out that it’d already been opened, so there’s a nice green landscape in there. Nevermind. Wouldn’t have really mattered anyway, as the bread seems to be growing as well. Had a few teaspoons of peanut butter instead.


*In the UK, you cannot buy knives (even blunt ones for eating) unless you are 18 or over. However, shops wanted to be extra careful and asked employees to ask for ID if they look under 21. This apparently was too difficult an idea for shop employees and managers, and so has now evolved to “it (the cash register) says 21”.

I mean jeez, at 18 I can have sex, get married and bring a child into this world, but I can’t cut my veggies. If you visit and I offer you melon for pudding, then you are going to have to fight for your pudding my friend.



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