{September 29, 2011}   Uni Is Heaven

I feels like today was a very long day. Normally, as someone who’s used to a lot less input from the rest of the world, that’s a bad thing. But not today. You see, typically a day that felt long when I was back in college would have meant a day filled with lessons, or coursework, or homework, or forced social outings in which people who didn’t really care about my answers would ask me questions in order to make small talk. Here, it’s different. Here, a day that feels long is one with lectures (which while long are also actually useful and/or interesting), shopping trips for food and other necessities, various events, trips and pastimes that I actually chose to take part in and meeting new people, all of whom actually care about what you say and may even be interested or even impressed by you as a person.

This makes me feel very strange. I’ve moved from people who only ask me where I went on holiday so that they can brag about their various rich-kid escapades (but otherwise ignore me), to people who are impressed just by my say so that I juggle. I’m not just a friend here either – I’m someone to look up to.


I don’t go out clubbing ever, I hardly do parties, I don’t dance, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, and yet somehow all of these now make me a cool character.

Freshers is heaven for everyone. If you’re one of the crowd who just loves constant clubbing, getting pissed and sing-shouting all the way home, then yes, you’ll find many people who will be your friend and you’ll have many, many happy nights out. If you never go out, you don’t drink and you’re not one for socialising in general, you’ll find at the very least 1 great friend who truly cares about you, your views and being in your company. Whoever you are, life really goes your way when you go to University.

The weirdest part of it all is that all of my paranoid teenagerness… it wasn’t just because I was a teenager with the typical mood-swings and rebellion-drive. I was actually right. I really had grown out of the school system a long, long time ago. I really did only need a change of scenery and circumstance to start truly enjoying myself. I really did need to be free of all that before I could start exploring my hobbies and creating real output like this blog. And it really wasn’t my fault that I felt like I couldn’t belong and that being me wasn’t actually ok. I really did need to get out of there. I was a teenager, raging against the unfairness of my life… and I actually was right. I mean come on, that must be a first for humanity – a teenager’s paranoia & moodiness being entirely justified. Ha!

I’m free! Freedom is Heaven.



Mum says:

Nice blog Harri! Keep em coming!


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