{October 2, 2011}   I’m Not Quite Cinderella

Well today’s the day of the Freshers’ Ball. I have no chores to do, I’m not mistreated or downtrodden and fairy-godmothers don’t exist, but I am undertaking a small transformation tonight. I quite like doing formal on the odd occasion, but skirts, dresses and gowns just aren’t my thing. It just feels odd and impractical… But a ball really suggests some degree of masculine-feminine divide, so I’m going to make a little compromise – black trousers, a floral dress-top and a waistcoat over the top. Lovely – stylish & kinda feminine without being impractical. Normally I’d be quite happy to flounce that tradition entirely, but I am feeling quite nervous and, dare I say, vulnerable tonight.

And also unlike Cindy, I haven’t been wishing to go to the ball either. My main reason for going is that I bought the access wristband ages ago and it was pretty expensive, so I may as well go and see if I like any of it. That and they mentioned a “magician” on the website, but I’m pretty sure they meant that metaphorically (magicians and crowded student clubs aren’t usually a popular mix). I’ve got this horrible feeling that I’ll go there, I’ll wait 1/2 an hour to get in, there’ll be no one I know, it’ll be too noisy to make friends, creepy guys with googly eyes will try to dance with me, it’ll be too crowded and the music too loud and there’ll be no magician and I’ll head home and cry for no apparent reason.


I suppose then, my Cinderella moment wouldn’t be “You SHALL go to the ball!”

but rather “When you go to the ball, you SHALL enjoy yourself and maybe chat with a magician!”



Well. I don’t believe in luck, but if I did I’d say that since arriving in University I’ve been on a pretty good lucky streak. And if I happened to believe in some form of social-outings-karma, I’d say that I’m due a good time out. And as an unbeliever in pretty much all thing supernatural, I only wish I had someone to stay with me this evening, to help me get through the nerves and still enjoy myself even if the ball is shite :}

We’ll see.



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