{October 6, 2011}   Tag, You’re It!

Freshers flu has finally caught up with and crippled me. That sounds like the summary of an old german fairy tale…

“But the Freshers Goblin always knows when naughty little girls and boys are trying to be independent, so eventually he caught up with Princess Patty and ate her legs for tea.”

In our culture lecture they were telling us about how media evolves in different ways as a result of different cultures. As an example we were shown a book that was (and I think still is) very popular in Germany for reading to young kids. This was DerStruwwelpeter, and it was illustrating, essentially, how while our fairytales in the UK are generally quite tame, many of those created in Germany are often much more shocking and violent, to scare kids into behaving well rather than gently advising. Here you can see what happened to the kid who just kept sucking his thumb after his Mum warned him not to:


What was I… right. I’m ill, so today and likely tomorrow will be uneventful Also vaguely grumpy because my logic cannot understand how on a windy night my window can make a loud noise like a guy whistling on one note, when it’s sealed tightly shut. I can only assume that this is one of those things that modern science can’t yet explain but one day will, like those ‘spirit spheres’ that you see on photographs and some people assume are spirits for some reason, or how Robin Williams is constantly high as a kite without being a druggy. Either that or there is a very dedicated prankster-whistling man who’s chosen my window as his haunt of the week.

Whatever, I’m off to bed now. With tea & Beechams. I don’t like Beechams much but the ingredients list looks good. Ug.



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