{October 10, 2011}   Fantasy Writing

I heard on Inside The Actors Studio, can’t remember who… that the actor being interviewed sometimes wrote diary entries, embellished with fantasy because they’d just get bored otherwise. Feeling down & creatively frustrated, I thought I’d give it a go when I finally got some downtime.

It’s really good. It’s like a kind of private therapy, plus wish-fufilment, plus creative pastime.

It’s great because if anything frustrating happened, you can amend it in your re-telling, say by challenging the cashier that gave you a dirty look like you’d just tried to shop-lift to a duel using only store products. Or something comforting, like instead of rolling out of bed at 11 and inexplicably losing an hour before anything happened, you roll out of bed at 11 and are treated to a fry up made by your flatmate Stephen Fry, which, now that you’ve come up with the idea, is something that always happens when you’re ill. You could change your luck, so instead of sitting near a drunkard who’s so drunk that they refuse to allow themselves to tilt even slightly on the train back home, you were sitting opposite to your favourite comedian, who wanted to try out some new material on you. Or some fantasy being whose sole existence is to give hugs to those that want them. Or simply to have a cinema carriage playing that film you wanted to see but missed in the cinemas.

Or you could just ignore the day altogether and use your diary format as a starting point for some crazy adventure. I think I might try a Doctor Who adventure diary myself.

Anyway, whatever you do with it, it is so freeing to just write, knowing that you are writing purely for yourself, that only you will ever read it, and because it’s your fantasy, you can’t be critical of it.


I wonder if writing about tackling past events differently can make people behave differently when similar moments come around? Perhaps you’d just go through it happier, because this time you remember the silly story that you wrote around it.


Great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun…I bet we would be more apt to have a great comeback, etc. if a similar situation ever arose. Especially if we had fantasized about that great comeback earlier.

Yes, and I’d like to think that it would help to make us more confident and content in general… I wonder if doing this kind of writing regularly could have a permanent impact? …Only one way to find out 😉

Go for it! I’ll try to remember to do it too, especially if I’m obsessing over a situation…


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