{October 21, 2011}   Changing Plans And Becoming Temporarily Welsh

My plans for yesterday died after spraining my ankle and becoming house-bound for the day, but today, everything happened.


Thankfully, my foot was better in the morning, so the unusual plan I had for the day went ahead – going to a rugby match with a friend. I don’t watch sport, ever. I don’t watch it or play it – I’m just not a sports person. Technically I didn’t go to a proper match, as we went to the Millennium Stadium along with many others to watch the game on a big screen transmitted from Australia. But it was good enough for me. We saw a lot of red dragons, daffodil heads and cute kids waving flags at each other, dancing and generally enjoying themselves without the aid of the match. We watched the game, learnt the rules, cheered at the goals, “-Oogh!”-ed at the injuries (plenty of blood there) and generally got carried away with it. That and chatting with a very talkative new friend of ours about methods of swearing, and other intellectual topics. I was surprised by how entertaining it was, but mostly it was the comradery that made it so enjoyable – chatting and cheering and complaining about a certain player being unable to get tries and waving and clapping and not leaving when half the stadium did when it reached time and so looked like Wales couldn’t possibly win, and standing to applaud when they finished the game with a successful try. They lost, but there was a little victory within that. I’ve agreed to go to another game with them tomorrow. Who’d have thought it? Me going to sports games…


What happened afterwards is a little hazy – as is the way with extended inactivity. We went to a market and had full English breakfasts fried up on the spot, then we went to a café and spent maybe 3 hours having tea, hot chocolate and coffee, and generally relaxing and enjoying the music. From there we explored the victorian arcades a little, tried some perry, found a cosy pub, and then went to the Students’ Union pub and had tea. Simply put, besides walking, talking, eating, drinking and sitting in comfy seats, we did nothing for about 6 hours.


At 6, things picked up again as we went to celebrate another friend’s Birthday from several days ago. This apparently meant to him that we would all eat vast amounts of sushi and he would pay for all of it. Sushi is expensive. Now entirely stuffed to the gills with, well, fish gills, we thought we’d spend the rest of the day at the cinema, again paid for by him. The nutter. Of course I then found room for more and bagged myself a bag of popcorn alongside. The birthday boy fell asleep towards the end, but the film wasn’t wasted on us overall. I think I’ll review it on Monday. Right now I’m quite tired, and I just want to close my eyes. It’s been a very long day and I’m not used to spending such a long time being social.


Tomorrow, there’s a ‘Silent Disco’. This is where , instead of a disco full of “pumping tunes” and “super-bass”, you have a quiet room full of people listening and dancing to the music that they hear through their headphones. You’re supplied with a special set with 1 or more music channels, so you can dance to the same music as your friends, but also choose to a certain extent what it is you listen to. If you don’t like the music, switch to another channel. If you want a break from the noise or want to hear you friends when they talk to you, simply take off the headphones. Surely this is the perfect scenario for crowded-noisy-area-haters like me? I’ll soon find out.


Sleep well. I will. xox



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