{November 2, 2011}   Non-Alcoholic Halloween Hangover

This morning I was pulled from my bed by my auto-kinetic limbs at 5 or 6am. Fire alarm. Everybody jostled out into the not too horribly cold courtyard and waited for the men in safety jackets to arrive and switch it off. This time they announced that this one was a drill, and that we could expect another one sometime this semester. Great. Back to bed. Only to be pulled by my manic legs again about an hour later by a second alarm. Toast. This time a much longer wait, because who’d’ve thought someone would burn their toast just 1 hour after they’d been evacuated at an unholy hour?

Instead of retreating back, I decided that trying to sleep for just another hour or 2 wasn’t worth it, so I got up and had a wander around town. After brainstorming for my fairytale story, sat in the park watching a couple of seagulls stamping the grass furiously (worm-catching), I went to my 2 hour lecture. 2 hours of yawning and head-pain and history.

There was more work to do, but after settling at home I was just too tired, so I had some time to just relax and think. I can’t nap during the day though. I sleep through everything (if I hadn’t been close to waking up anyway I’m sure I’d’ve slept through the alarm), but getting to sleep is a real problem sometimes. Anyway, in this time I had, I got to thinking about Halloween, and how I’d pretty much missed it.

I had a pre-Halloween evening at the secret event I blogged about yesterday, along with an unsettling but unsupernaturally toned Derren Brown TV show. Then nothing. Then nothing. On Halloween I had an early night and dreamt of nothing, let alone anything freaky. On Twitter yesterday I managed to see plenty of my favourite famous people having fun on Halloween, many going to the same party at Wossy’s place. Particularly jealous of Edgar Wright for meeting Teller, & of Teller for meeting Edgar Wright, but at the same time rather glad that I didn’t meet either – Damn these lasting social issues! It was all brilliant and lovely to see, but it did leave me feeling kind of left out and wondering whether I should’ve been doing something to celebrate.

After all that, I drifted off to sleep and had some weird, unsettlingly toned yet hugely comforting dreams, involving being in a magic school (proper arcane stuff, not cards ‘n’ coins), meeting people from my past, and meeting pretty much all the people I saw on Twitter, plus Dawn French as the lovely headmistress. In particular I remember that if I wasn’t woken by the alarm this morning, I would’ve been entered in a ballroom dancing competition with Derren Brown. What a lovely hangover from those Halloween thoughts, huh? Physically though, the interruptions and noise gave me a more traditional version.

So yes, I’m hung over from Halloween without even a sip of fruity blood punch.


So far, anyone who reads my blog regularly must wonder whether I have some kind of obsession with Derren Brown. I don’t know why, but I feel like I need to explain & justify; Consciously, I think that he’s a great guy who does really powerful and interesting work. He’s very entertaining and kind and quirky, which is why I talk about and reference and recommend him so much. I admire him hugely. But on the whole I’m not that big a fan. I mean he’s wonderful and all but, well I certainly wouldn’t say I’m obsessed. My subconscious on the other hand is gaga for him. It obviously thinks I don’t spend enough time dwelling on him and his work, which is why when I think about the nature of dreams during the day he’s pretty much guaranteed a cameo in that night’s dream, or why I drew him when I was drawing absent-mindedly on my whiteboard, or why when Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” plays on my ipod I can’t help but think of him and all his shows that followed members of the public and wonder if I’m being watched… It really is like the conscious me and sub-c me are two different people. Just what is she like…


Mostly right now, I’d say it’s down to the fact that he’s got TV work out at the mo which is getting inside my head. Maybe sub-c will’ve calmed down on the Derren front by December. I’m not sure why, but I predict that Stephen Fry will be the new rage by then. Is Stephen doing something on TV in December? Is so then well done sub-c for remembering ’cause I haven’t a clue.



Goodnight! o

(I think I’ve focused on him enough consciously to stop a cameo, so will try another dream experiment and see whether he still turns up, and if not him, then who?)



p.s. Mmmm, tea.



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