{November 7, 2011}   New Heights In Procrastination

On Saturday, I was finishing off some work. Technically. What I actually did was spent a whole day procrastinating – Google, Youtube, an animated movie, and many more, all to put off finishing the shortest of short stories and a nice collage of doodles based around the 7 sins, both of which I was hoping to get published in the University bi-annual creative works magazine. Why put it off? I have no idea. It just, happens.

Surprisingly though, the greatest feat of procrastination came the next day. With 3 hours to go till I had to leave the flat to meet with my friend, I decided to knuckle down to my academic work. I procrastinated again, in all the typical boring ways, and then I stopped myself – “No! I’ve got to get on! I can’t let this keep controlling me like this, I’ve just Got to Get it Done! At least get changed…” So I took off my old clothes, put on my pants and bra, stuck my feet though the legs of my skinny jeans and stopped.









They could pass as hands…”


I then did what any great procrastinator would have done, and fetched my PSP, loaded a game, forced my toes to hold it, grabbed my camera, shuffled into the right lighting, set the camera to the best setting, soothed my poor toes and made them hold it again, took a photo, then another photo, then more soothing, a change in the angle my toes were holding it at, at change in camera angle a change in settings and finally a few more photos from different distances.




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