{November 12, 2011}   Britain Today

It’s Saturday, 6:55pm. Which means it’s time that I wrote Friday’s blog.


Britain in a Day is a project in which the BBC ask the general public to go out and record their day. It’s going to be a documentary film, a piece of social history, etc. etc. In the adverts for it, famous faces try to convince others to take part. They say how important it is and how everybody is interesting at some time. The thing is, I just don’t believe it. For some crazy reason I just don’t believe that I am that interesting. Which is exactly why I need to do it.


I thought I’d go out and catch the sunset at Cardiff Bay. They said you should do something… personal to you, something creative. I wanted to show off how I feel about the beauty of life. I had a script and everything all about how I feel kind of alienated by seeing so much beauty, and not seeing anyone else seeing it! I keep seeing these incredible things and being in awe, practically every day, I just start to think, “Am I the only one who sees this?” I know that’s not true, but… I just really want more people to see it – to appreciate life, every day of it, because it is just … magnificent. Anyway I got distracted somehow and missed it.


I was walking back to the flat, trying to get ideas for what I’d write about tonight that would be worth filming. I was plugged in to the walkman, walking to the beat, looking around  the streets at the christmas lights and the trees and shops… and I was getting close to the end of the street, when I heard something, rumbling below the track. I uplugged myself and looked around.

It was the most bizarre sound, like a field full of crickets… with cats. And in surround-sound too.


Finally, I looked up into the tree above, and saw it was filled with hundreds, literally, of tiny birds, chirping and bouncing around and fluttering about, making this incredible noise! I don’t how long I stood there staring. The orange street lights backlit the leaves so that they glowed green, strong against the vivid, deep blue sky that you sometimes get when the sun hasn’t been long gone. And in this tree in the middle of it all, this mad puzzle! It was like some great magic trick… except you replace most of the surprise with buckets of pure beauty!


So I was standing there – the only person standing there, most everyone else could at least hear the noise but it didn’t go any further than that. But then someone came up to me and said “Can you hear that sound, or am I going mad?” I pointed out the birds in the trees and he joined me to stare. I told him about the project, and we got to talking. Lots of talking… about university, school, hobbies, travelling, mad teachers, food and fitness… “It all sounds terribly mundane now that I write it” says the perfectionist in me, despite knowing that she’s on my hit-list (perfectionism is a damn CURSE). But, it was amazing, we just stood there by the tree, talking for ages about all sorts, and even from inside my own head, I was sounding intelligent.


He asked for my number.



I was interesting.


Or just very attractive, but I find that harder to believe. Wrongly? I don’t know. A problem for another day.



Even if I’m not interesting enough on my own, unprompted, to be a part of that project… I know now. I’m interesting. Or at least I can be. That’s good enough.


The time is now 10:07. And I am obviously a very slow writer. Gotta go now, it’s time I treated myself to pasta in a bowl in bed with a movie, and tea. Go treat yourself too.





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