{November 23, 2011}   A Happy Unbirthday! American Fries, Tintin & Magic

Today is November 23rd, and it’s my birthday. Temporarily. You see, last Friday, one of my friends was very ill, so I spent the day with my family instead. Now that I’m back and she’s better and we have no work due immanently, we designated this Wednesday to be my fake birthday. I spent an hour looking up magic tricks that I could feasably do over a lunch table, but when I got to the American diner and we got our food… it’s easy to forget these things when your stomach’s screaming ‘Mercy!’ and your tongue’s singing ‘Gimme gimme food, gimme gimme food, gimme gimme.’ Our portions weren’t even that big, but I’m still stuffed now (5 hours later, though I did eat more, though I also missed breakfast, though I did eat some popcorn later). I think I was the only one who was amazed that they had a salt and pepper shaker, plus a giant SUGAR shaker. My friends thought I was eating salt. If I were a true magician I would have kept my mouth shut and just poured a load into my mint-chocolate milkshake. I broke that illusion instantly, but they were still weirded out a little by my adding the sugar to my milkshake.

One of my friends gave me a lovely present – a blue & silver bracelet with a ring, a heart and a key on it. She said that she remembered that I like keys, and she saw me wearing a blue sweater that she liked & thought it would go well with it. Sitting here in my flat I can see the sweater, but at the time I couldn’t remember it. I think it’s bad policy to look confused when someone’s just given you a present. There was a table in the way, so hand hugs were in order. She also gave me minty chocolates. OM. I just ate one. They’re perfect. Possibly even better than After Eights, because these have a praline centre with little crispy mint chunks. Advertisement Break!: Thorntons’ Mint Batons. Because you want them. Mmm-mm!

Then to the cinema for the new Tintin movie. Already convinced of it’s brilliance by the cast (Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Jamie Bell, but I don’t know who he is), the writers (Steven Moffat, king of Doctor Who, and Edgar Wright, king of general geeky awesome-crafting) and the director (Mr Spielberg), I was not prepared to be let down. And I wasn’t. The graphics were beautiful and constantly awe-insiping. That I did not expect. Nor did I expect just how good Craig would be at voicing the villain, or Pegg & Frost’s overly English accents, or the violence levels (Tintin had a gun in hand very early on in the film, not many children’s heroes use guns at all, unless shooting at inhuman monsters, usually with laser guns). And you know what? The balance between cartoon and real life that seems so strange in the trailers, is perfect. From the moment Tintin first stands up, I’m already lost in it all. When’s it on DVD? Can we see extras? I want to see Daniel getting pissed off about having to wear a leotard with a camera helmet. Andy must be quite used to those things by now – he was in one for Planet of the Apes, right? Must see that movie sometime too.


And the magic? Well, that film was magic enough for one day, don’t you think?







You’re right not to be satisfied with that answer. While we were waiting to be let into the right cinema screen, I did one short card trick for my friend. I felt nerves in my hands, but I must be a lot better now, because they weren’t shaking this time. I think that’s a first for me! It was only one trick, but I’m proud of it. It’s a variation of the typical ‘Is this your card?’ routine that I invented myself. After maybe two months of being proud of its uniqueness, I bought a little book of Tommy Cooper jokes and tricks and found my routine. It’s half crushing, and half inspiring. I guess it shows I’m on the right track, huh?


Night x



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