{December 7, 2011}   Homesick

I love it here, but I’m not used to being away from home… I’ve worked out that if I get all my work done quick, I can go home as early as the 15th. That means just 8 days of trying to enjoy university life as much as I can whilst desperately trying to get confusing work done. Then, I can go home, drink tea WITH MILK IN IT, watch Boston Legal, eat advent calendar chocolates, enjoy being with my family and not do work. Simple pleasures…


Unfortunately, the feeling of homesickness is so strong that it’s getting in the way of getting anything done. My head just feels empty all the time and I keep on getting distracted by absolutely nothing. In fact, it’s already been 10 minutes since I wrote “absolutely nothing”. I think the impressive messiness of my room helping this a fair amount, so I’ll just bin rubbish & tidy things away now…


Look down. Look back again. Half an hour has passed and I’ve half filled a shopping bag with rubbish. A 5 minute job. I got motivated near the end & started to try & tidy my room, but then I got demotivated. A while back I spilt a goopy, vitamin supplement ‘elixir’. I thought I’d cleared it all up, but I just found one of my tops under my chair… the elixir’s hardened and with the pressure of the chair legs, the material’s been stretched strangely beyond help. That and the goop glued a load of my stray hairs to it. What a downer. *Bin*


Problem is, the only total cure and the best cure for this is just to go home, but I can’t go home till I’ve done the work, but I can’t do the work till… I should get some sleep. Get cosy & pretend I’m home. Can’t pretend it’s home with all this mess… Too tired to clean…


“Too tired! Pah!”

“What?! Who are you?”

“I am the ghost of wasted time past! And I have come to warn you of your bleak future, should you continue to repeat yourself this way!”


“Well, I wouldn’t say ‘bleak’, but you know, not so productive and fulfulling and… point is, get to doing things now or else you will get stuck in that cycle you were just talking about.”


“Well, glad that’s sorted then.”

“Uh, yeah… thanks Mr…”

“Mr Ghostofwastedtimepast, yes.”

“…yeah……bye then.”



Well… I should sign off now. Bye. ox



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