{December 9, 2011}   Dear Future Self Of January 2012,

You know as well as I do that learning from your experiences isn’t always good enough. Sometimes you need someone else to remind you to do the right thing, and as is usually the case with us, that someone is ourself. All I have to do is give you the advice now and make sure that you get reminded at the beginning of next University term to read this. Actually, that last’s iCal’s job.


There is one, hugely-gugely, important thing that I must tell you and you MUST seriously take-in, despite its seriousness and your current want to continue just blissing your way through Uni life after such a lovely break and meeting all your friends again, but please, you MUST listen. And more than that – you have to really take this in. Really consider it, think it through, and then put it into action at the earliest opportunity.



Get your work done, you lazy toss.


You know it makes sense. Do it now while your mind’s still fresh and mellow, while it’s still non-urgent. Do it now… and it’ll never get you stressed. And you’ll really, truly have all the time you want for everything you love. Your friends are in the same head-space, even if they’re not all going to do it as early as you will, but they’ll understand, if anything they’ll admire you for it! Sure, probably in the ‘You’re crazy’ kind of way, but because it’s also brilliant, that makes it ok. Remember last term? Everything was left to the very last minute – the academic blogs, the essay on political economy, the one on offensive humour… even the research proposals were pushing it. As I write you haven’t completed a single one. They may be short, but you know that’s just another excuse to put it off. Imagine ending the term with no worries about work. Just enjoying the place as much as you can before you leave it again. You could go to the bay again. I can’t even remember when the last time I went was. You could sit down at the plaza and work on your book, or your Doctor Who episode(s). You could go practice your guitar & singing in the music school, or get a part-time job, or refine your juggling or magic or art skills, or learn to do ballroom dancing, you could go to the art society’s events at last. You could do so much without the burden of work to come. You know it makes sense.


So get your work done now you lazy bugger.


Lots of love,






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