{December 15, 2011}   This Blog Is Chocolate Powered

Well it’s nearly 1:00am now. I’ll pulling an accidental all-nighter. All my fault really – I got distracted by an RPG game… Next thing I know it’s 5 hours later and I’ve eaten everything in the house and my work’s still not done. It’s ok though, because I ate the last of the chocolate, so I’d be staying up anyway. Might as well push it a little further and get some things sorted.


I’m pretty much packed for home. Just my computer left to pack once I’ve finished all my errands & handed in my work. And then… I’M GOING HOME. Yes, my 1st term at University is finally coming to a close, and, much as I adore Cardiff I FUCKING HATE IT and it’s crazy weather – I got beaten up by a hail storm a couple of days ago and my legs STILL hurt! And all this constant work and quoting too many people because we get lower grades if our work’s all original… I do it injustice. I’m raging because I’m homesick and I just can’t wait to be sitting in the living room with a fire going, with the family, and the cat, brother making s’mores, watching The Simpsons or Boston Legal or the Royal Variety Show which was on yestereve on ITV and featured acts from Penn & Teller and Tim Minchin. It feels weird not being the one to set it up to record. And I want to be able to play my guitar louder and sing without worrying about people hearing me practice, particularly when my voice is a little off. And to be drinking tea all through the day. And Mackies ice cream with chocolate bits. And hugs and silly randomness, and home-cooked food…


My only worry about staying up now is that, with no food in the house & me expending energy with all this thinking & plotting (for the work, not for getting home), I’ll be getting hungry earlier. I don’t care if the little Tesco’s open 24/7, I’m not going outside in the freezing cold, crazy weather during the night.

I think I may need to go to bed soon, simply for the sake of hibernation till I can get food. All I have is gum from Lidl, 5 packs of teabags and a bottle of soy sauce… If paracetamol can get rid of aches & pains, can it get rid of hunger pangs?


Will forget about it. I’m just going to do whatever I can now without getting any serious mental blocks and then I’m going to lie down until I finally drift off. I may be going home today, but it’s a long day, and I need to be prepared.



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