{January 15, 2012}   A Holmesian Dilemma

How do you go about showing off some brilliance of yours if you hate spoilers with a passion and it means revealing a spoiler? Ugh. Then of course, the only way I can reveal it without revealing the spoiler is by shutting up until the show-runners reveal it themselves, but then I can hardly get any credit for revealing something that’s just been revealed. Unlike Holmes though, I don’t have enough confidence in my abilities to write down my almost perfectly assured theory into how it was all pulled off to seal it in an envelope and give it to a third party. I must kill this fear of failure. I’ll say it again: I’m a cowardly lion.

May give my family an envelope later. At least once these ideas have had some more time to ferment.

I loved it anyway. This particular episode was much better than the film… Watch this site if you happen to care about my opinion on which of the new Sherlocks is the best. The answer may surprise.


Just saw ‘The Holiday’ before Sherlock. Jude Law’s head seemed wider in that. The Watson role makes him look better than modern him. Kudos to him for making a beardless moustache work.



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