{January 26, 2012}   Me, Beauty Queen? No, Me Actress.

I’ve made the best of a rather down day by sorting out all my remaining admin, which included signing up to a casting website. There, I’ve created a profile detailing all my interests and experience in the worlds of acting, music & modelling and can apply to any of the many related jobs they have on offer. For a long while I fretted about not getting a good enough-looking profile photo – this would need to be a professional-looking headshot which shows my face at its most attractive. So eventually I just gave up and posted a pretty good one, amateurly photographed, in unnaturally yellow lighting with me looking a little bit sleep-deprived, but relatively handsome. I then applied to a couple of interesting-sounding jobs and left it to practice guitar.


6 hours later and I check my emails. I’ve received a message – sent 3 hours after I posted the photo. Not from the people I applied to. On my profile I see that it’s had 2 more views since I last looked. The message essentially told me this:

‘We’ve looked at your profile and pictures and would love it if you would enter our pageant – Cardiff’s Dazzling Beauty.’

On the application form they seemed pretty good, asking not just for pretty girls, but girls with grace, charisma, intelligence & talent. Within 3 hours of posting an ‘ok’ photo, I got an invitation to apply to become the Beauty of Cardiff. Huh.


As complimentary as that is, I won’t enter. It is a beauty pageant after all. And anyway, I’m sure the offer wasn’t a selfless, ‘I really think you could win’, one. Aaaaand… yes, here it is – the entry fee for this competition is £65. Nice con, lady.



Besides that, I’m really looking forward to this site. It may be flooded with the more inane jobs, like ‘Has your boyfriend impregnated someone else? Sell us your story!’, but I reckon I’ll finally be able to get some small, semi-professional local jobs now. I’ll be able to see what it’s like working as an actress towards a finished, filmed product, or (when I’ve improved in guitar & singing) join a good band or sell my own solo career, and just expand my experiences in general. As much as I love being a student and being able to stay in one place all day reading or noodling on my guitar, I want to start getting to know the outside world. I want to know the kinds of places I could be going to one day. I want to be where the people are! I wanna see, wanna see ’em dancing. Walking around on those… what d’you call them? Oh! Feet.


Damn, that’s song’s in my head now. Shut up Ariel. Thanks. Now – shut up! – I’m going to go to bed & read, and tomorrow maybe my throat won’t be so sore & I can leave the house. Real shame so soon after renting a practice room in the music school. Ah. Right now I can only dream. Makes sense to say goodnight then.


Goodnight. o



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