{January 28, 2012}   Painting – FOR REAL

Drawing I’m good at. Digital painting, I’m pretty good at too. But real painting? Let me change the subject.


I have a few pressing issues on my plate at the moment:

1. Finding a flat and/or flatmate for next year. I adore Cardiff Bay, and I so want to get a flat that’s as close to it as possible. Also, I’d much rather that either I live alone, or with just one other person, but they’d have to be very close to me. Unfortunately, it looks like cheap-because-it’s-tiny 1-person flats don’t exist in the Bay area, and the one person who fits my bill probably won’t be available (romance is in this season). So, either I put up with an expensive 1-person flat (which would probably mean me getting a job…) or I find a suitable flatmate somehow. I don’t know how to go about that exactly. I expect that would be down to luck and letting everyone I talk to know that I’m in need. Either way, I’m sure something will work out. It must do.

I really don’t want to compromise…

2. Getting better. I’ve been a bit ill for a while now and if I’m ill for much longer I will go crazy. The weather outside has been beautiful and sunny and gorgeous, but because I need to get better I’ve been stuck indoors almost entirely for the past 4 days or so. If the weather’s still good tomorrow, I don’t care if I wake up and vomit because Satan possessed me during the night – I am getting out there and enjoying the fresh air.

3. Waiting for the 2009 Guy Ritchie ‘Sherlock Holmes’ film to arrive so that I can watch it and write the comparative review that I promised about 2 weeks ago (because frankly, I can’t remember too many details anymore).


Talking of Sherlock, today I picked up my set of acrylics & my drawing pad and had a go at a portrait – Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve never been very good at painting (probably due to the fact that I was never properly taught how to), but I think I’ve done really good considering. Also I only had the one, rather thick brush, & it was photographed under strange lighting on slightly warped paper. So yeah, perfectionist-me is still unhappy but most of me is toying with proud. Any comments on this would be very very welcome.


Nick says:

Wow, nice work! You’ve really captured him here, right down to the cheek bones


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