{February 27, 2012}   The Hollow Room ~ Part 1

In a dark faded house, somewhere in Cardiff, a window was broken. If someone was inside, they would have seen a baseball bat bob up behind the frame and tap out the  few remaining shards before disappearing again. The short boy tossed the bat inside with a heavy clatter, and turned to grin.

“Right, who wants a leg-up?”

“What, you too afraid to go first?”

“Well if you’re too scared then give me a leg-up.”

One by one the band of teens clambered through the empty frame and assembled in the room, dusting themselves down and assessing the level of cobwebbing. The girl wearing trousers laughed at the second girl when her skirt got caught on a splinter as she climbed in – the weak wood ruptured and in one moment she found herself both involentarily carrying part of the damp windowsill by her waist, and thrashing it off in a panic for fear of maggots. The boys pretended to ignore the incident. George especially.

“So noob, where’s our rations?”

George knelt to unzip his backpack as the short boy stood over him, bat in hand. He wondered how it was possible for someone to be so unintentionally, naturally threatening, and how he might act differently if George was the leader of the pack. He handed the boy a bundle of sweets and a sandwich before giving out the food bundles to the remaining three. By the time he’d finished his duties and pulled his bag back over his shoulder, shorty’s sandwich had already gone, and George was sure he’d have to be giving up his own later. The pale boy picked up an angel figurine from the mantelpiece and waved it at the girl wearing trousers. She smiled and nodded, and the pale boy stuffed it in his bag.

Just tonight. After this, I’ll never have to see them again.

“Noob. Door.”

Right. The reason why I’m here.

George went and knelt by the door, carefully maneuvering wires inside the keyhole. As he worked, the other kids mumbled wry remarks and chuckled behind his back. At one point he felt the bat jab at the back of his neck and the sharp laugh of the pale boy. They wouldn’t even allow him a moment of peace when he needed it most. He wondered for a moment if the one night with them was worth the potential reward.

“Hurry UP, we haven’t-”


George pushed the door open as he stood and strode through, and when he looked back to see their gleeful faces as they welcomed him to the team he felt a dangerous sense of belonging which he was determined to snuff out. The girl in the skirt smiled at him. They all did, but her’s was genuine, he knew. The band surged around the house, enjoying their freedom and the lack of locked doors from then on in, and George ignored the comments that with any other window they wouldn’t have needed him at all.

And as darkness fell, moonlight shone in through a pale glass window on a room with an angel figurine on the mantlepiece, a damp, undamaged windowsill, and a floor devoid of breadcrumbs.

<The above is part 1 of a 7-part piece of fanfiction. No copyright infringement is intended.>


Nick says:

Oooh suspense. I always like an episode which starts with something that appears completely unrelated to the main story of the Doctor. This relatively ‘normal’ setting is just begging to have some sort of time travelling police box crash through it! It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Sean Geoghegan says:

Grear atmosphere and sets up conflict and intro of characterisations. Tone of the piece is all important it seeps with spookiness and an undercurrent of maliciousness and cruelty.

Beneath characterisation is deep character. The gang members need to go beyond type to surprise me. History, the extra terrestrial are often the backdrops for a time lord story . Be interesting to see where this one goes.


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