{June 24, 2012}   Swanning About & Monsters

I’m away again! Visiting grandpa’s for a lawn party of some sort, which is a bit odd. Not a party person, lawn or club variety. My idea of a good party is building a pillow fortress, playing videogames then eating toasted marshmallows before going to sleep in the fortress. Hell, that’d be a perfect party. What the rest of the world thinks of as a good party doesn’t seem very fun to me. Anyway, today I have to swan around looking pretty for as much of the 2 hours as I can handle without going catatonic from the lack of electronic stimuli.


I have to admit, this blog is partly to complain hugely about what I’m missing out on – Back in beautiful old Cardiff, my student home from which I’ve been absent only a week, monsters have been unleashed on the streets. The Doctor Who Experience, opening down at the Bay in July did the most incredible promotional stunt yesterday by unleashing the monsters contained within onto the streets of Cardiff. Just one week after I left. My twitter feed was flooded with images of monsters wandering about all my favourite haunts & walking routes – an ood at Cadwalader’s ice cream café, silence in the food courts, a scarecrow by the Millennium Centre… I’m so depressed but so happy that they do things like that. Unhappy thumbs up to them. Still, with Cardiff my home for most of the next 2 years I can hardly complain. I’ll probably be in the DW Experience once a term. Check it out!: http://www.doctorwhoexperience.com/


Lastly, I’ve written the next instalment for my Dr Who fanfiction, ‘The Hollow Room’, which is very exciting but I’m refusing to release it until I’ve gone home and drawn an accompanying picture like all the other parts. Oh, I love it like a baby now. Not that I know what that’s like, but say you picked up my pink notebook with all the story notes, I’d probably shout at you and charge.


Gotta go look pretty and smile. Tarra. x




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