Hi there, I’m Harri. Currently I’m a student at Cardiff studying Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies, but most importantly, I’m a hobbyist. This blog is about my new life as a free student and trying to make something of my need for new & interesting hobbies, and whether or not I’ll ever actually commit to any.

Most importantly though, this is a blog in which I’m trying to be totally honest about everything in my life. I want to let people in and see just what it’s like inside my head. I know that personally, I’d love to be able to see what other people are really like inside and see just how similar we really are. Not having that, I thought I should provide that service myself.

Hopefully my blogging about my experiences and interests will help someone somewhere some time. Over the next 3 years I’ll be writing about my experiences as a student, my development with my hobbies (and of course sharing and giving related advice) and hopefully being fairly entertaining and useful along the way. Feel free to comment.

My current interests:

  • Acting
  • Cooking (especially cakes & ramen)
  • Drawing (manga/cartoony, caricatures, portraits)
  • Fashion (not the “what’s in this season?” kind, the “design your own” kind)
  • Guitar
  • Hypnotism
  • Juggling & contact juggling
  • Listening to 80s music
  • Magic (tricks)
  • Magic (the paranormal)
  • The Media
  • Memory feats
  • Painting
  • Psychology
  • Save Doctor Who Confidential!
  • Self-improvement (without ‘self-help’ programmes)
  • Skepticism
  • Songwriting
  • Speaking Spanish
  • Speaking Welsh
  • Travel (dreaming of America)
  • Writing

What’s with the score-through – have you lost interest in cooking? Good list, though. No Torchwood listed – and you in Cardiff, tsk tsk (shows your good taste!)

Ha, well if I listed all the TV I liked this would be a much longer list. The crossed out ones are ones I’m interested in but have decided to give up pursuing, at least for the time-being. And Torchwood’s cool. It’s just mightily eclipsed by Doctor Who is all.


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