{September 2, 2011}   Booster!

Well today was my dad’s birthday so we had cake after breakfast & a soundtrack of the Kinks to the morning – great, simple, pleasant day. My neck was fixed in the night & I dreamt of adventuring & saving everyone in the dream hotel who gets sucked into this scary parallel world at the end of each day. Why? Well while sorting through my room I found this old rabbit doll that I don’t ever remember having. He looks pretty grumpy in a sinister way, so I named him Frank (from Donnie Darko, love trippy weird films like that).

Ma & Dad had a spa day after lunch & bro left for Amsterdam (and to think we’re at the poor end of the rich kid spectrum – the hell do they do on a normal Friday?), so I had the house to myself for about 5 hours. I spent the time getting back into doing exercises again. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m living in Uni… all the constant inputs from everywhere & everyone will mean I’ll never get that bored to care about the future of my body. I’ve taken some photos to make a before & after and made a note to try to do exercises every day for the next 3 weeks so I’m in shape for trying out bunches of athletic societies at Cardiff.

Still, it is incredible what proper exercise does for your energy. I knew it was good, but I’d forgotten just how good it was – I’ve been racing around the house all day & getting little jobs done, quick shower, juggling session, more tidying, lots of singing, and my appetite’s exploded and I’m telling you; if you’re not a permanently lanky kid, you have no idea just how satisfying it is to find yourself eating much more than you normally do. Not to mention I Love food.

Oh, & I drove Ma mad this morn by finding her chosen card once and then making sure it appeared at every possible moment in the most improbable places. Very hard to describe but it’s very fun & surprisingly impressive. Oddly though I got tired of it before she did. Apparently she “misses” having the 9 of Hearts appear under her plate or on the door or where ever, constantly. I thought It’d piss her off. I’m not sure I want to keep doing these sorts of things now – I don’t want her to miss me too much. It was hard enough when bro left for Uni, but this time there isn’t another child at home. I want her to be proud, not heart-aching.

Next week me & Ma are hoping to go day-tripping in London, maybe find Davenport’s magic shop, maybe get into a TV audience if we can. I adore behind-the-scenes stuff, plus I could learn a thing or two. I’ll be involved in TV making one day – it’s my one true ambition – I just don’t know in what way…


{September 1, 2011}   Lull

I had a nasty night –  thoughts swirling constantly, tossing & turning – in the end I only got 2-3 hours sleep & woke up with a quite permanently painful neck. My miracle-Ma brought me some tea & gave my neck a massage, but after she left I suddenly felt very depressed and had a little weep. Perfectly happy after, but couldn’t turn right for the whole day.

Not much happened thanks to that. I cancelled my exercise session & spent the day browsing thestudentroom.co.uk, playing video games with my brother & helping Ma make the cake & wrap presents for Dad’s birthday tomorrow. Plus I pencilled in a date in the calendar when we could chat about what important things I need to pack & what I should buy when I get there. My brother just graduated so he’ll be full of useful insider info, even though he went to a different Uni.

Anyway, I’m terribly sleepy now & I should really catch up with what I missed yesternight, so goodnight. oxo

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