{February 9, 2012}   Mysteries

There’s a few mysteries that’ve been on my mind lately.



First is a rather pressing but boring one – the Curious Incident of the Drunks in the Night Time. A couple of nights back I was lying in bed, having a wander through the Google-sphere. Outside, there was a gradual crescendo of looping songs from a large group of young, pissed students. When they finally reached our courtyard, the sounds only decayed and renewed whenever they forgot what they were singing or someone reminded them. Sounded like the girls in the group had come to visit someone in particular. I hope so, otherwise they were shouting friendly obscenities at strangers’ windows. Eventually they gave that up and I could hear metallic-plastic thumps and rattles with girly laughter – the men picking fights with the trash dumpsters, egged on by their potential bedmates. You can probably tell I’m not a fan of this form of entertainment. It does seem my writing gets more upper-class the less content I am with the world around me. Anyway, what followed was a hushed activity – by sound they seemed to move closer, but downwards from me. Knowing the only two routes that way and judging by the sudden conspiratorial murmuring, I searched for my headphones. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them, so I had to get a coat & go outside to wait for the fire alarm to stop blaring.


Today we all received letters explaining the severity of the matter – how it’s not just antisocial but against the law and so on. The problem is, if no one owns up, everyone in the block will have to split the cost of the damaged equipment. I don’t want this. Now, I have hopes that they’ll make the mistake of drunkenly attacking our fire alarm again so I could sneakily take photos of them, or that at least one will remember what happened and own up. Unfortunately, I have HIGH bets that this won’t happen. I mean besides the natural ‘people won’t own up to antisocial behaviour to lessen the majority’s issues when they can get away with it’ and the fact that people, drunk or not, tend not to attack fire alarm systems, let alone the same one twice.


The facts that the girls were visiting someone they knew, they were rude, they then egged on the boys to have a whack at the dumpsters, before finally activating the fire alarm in this block and disappearing, not to return… They don’t live in this block, but the person they were targeting does – with their verbal jabs not having any or any significant impact, they decided to get to the target another way – first by a bit of noise, possibly intending to tip one of the dumpsters over to create noise, mess & annoyance, possibly thinking it could wake their target up or at least annoy them in the morning (drunk logic is never perfect). They then thought of setting off the fire alarm – the ultimate annoyance, after which they fled the scene. They don’t live here, so they won’t even have had the letters or threats of everyone being charged. In fact, with these motives, they’ve had a double victory. There’s nothing I can do but keep my camera handy & hope.





The ending to Series 2 of the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’. I just rewatched the Sherlock finale with my friend – her first time seeing it. Noticed far too many things that were odd. Now I have loads of evidence picking at my head, loads of theories. I’m going to force it all to rest because I’m sure that whatever the solution is it won’t be entirely contained in the evidence provided – there’ll be lots of things we just had no way of knowing beforehand. Plus the only theories that fit so far aren’t very dramatically satisfying. But who knows, maybe they’re only dramatically satisfying once they’ve been dramatised. Either way, I have absolute faith in the writers, and I don’t want to spoil my epic surprise much more than I have already. I will write a list of all the suspicious things though… but this blog won’t see it at least until the reveal is aired. I don’t want to risk helping the army of spoiler monkeys out there who are actually trying to work it out, & then to spoil it for the rest of us. Even though I’m sure that they won’t be able to :}


Not really a mystery as such, at least not one that needs solving. There’s an unknown graffiti artist around my area that has a very pleasant signature piece. Most numpties that get ahold of spray paint just write things, like their name or something stupid like that (who the hell writes their name at the scene of a crime?). But this one is good. Not only is it an actual picture, but it’s a simple, well-done and smile inducing picture. All of these cropped up in quick succession and I haven’t seen any new ones since. All of them in monochrome except the most recent one. But they’re so nice, I can’t see why anyone would object to having them dotted around the neighbourhood (unless they were on their house or place of business – the reason why one’s been painted over already). Anyway, here’s a couple:

As you can see from the surroundings, it makes a nice change from both the bleak concrete walls and the typical scrawls and edgy bubble writing you tend to see everywhere.


{October 26, 2011}   Secret.

There’s a secret secret that I’ve kept secret for quite a while, but I thought that people should at least know that there is a secret and that it has consequences that can’t be kept secret. What I mean is that I am going with a secret number of friends to a secret location to witness (or take part in, it’s a secret to me) a secret event. I don’t know what will happen, who will be there, and I or we will be anonymous ourselves. We also are bound to secrecy before and after the event. What cannot be kept secret is that I will be gone for the next 3 days and quite likely won’t be able to post on Friday.


The reasoning behind the secrecy is two-fold. Firstly, it is because the group that organises these events is named “The [insert name of correct location] Secret Society”. It wouldn’t be a good secret society if everyone went around telling anybody what happens and who they are now would it?

Secondly, it is to make it special. Their aims are, in essence, to create events that are literally once-in-a-lifetime, that only a select few can ever know about, and that even fewer can actually experience.


I only hope that the event itself is as special as they make it out to be, because I’m travelling f***ing miles.


All that I will and can say is that it’s Halloween themed and that there will be magic tricks. For those who don’t know, I adore magic. When I think about it, it makes me feel like I’m in love, except without the confusion and worry of ‘Does he like me?’ and ‘he’s staring at me all the time… is that a good thing?’ (I still don’t know the answer to that one).



On a side note, at this point in time if you google the word “mystery”, the first result you get is the wikipedia entry for ‘Mystery’, a Canadian pick-up artist (real name; Erik. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_(pickup_artist) )




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