{January 31, 2012}   University, 2nd Semester

As is always the way, it’s all flown by, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been going to Uni for at least a year now. If it carries on at this rate, by the time I’ve completed my degree I’ll feel like nearly a decade’s past. Despite all this, I still walk into lectures and wonder if I’ve gone to the wrong room. You’d think after 3 months I’d feel some kind of vague familiarity with the mass of unnamed but regularly seen fellow students of journalism, but no. Instead I get the strange, solitary but strongly independent feeling I always get when first joining a group of total strangers. The only difference between now and the first semester is that there’s no first day nerves and no one’s awkwardly trying to befriend their seat-neighbours. Besides all that, it’s just like how I left it.


I’m worn out already, mostly from the cold, so I’ve spent a lot of time tucked up warm at home with earl grey, thinking about all the things I want to do. I’ve made lists. And deadlines. I’m working on a spare-time-timetable. Is that strange? It’s probably the effect of the New Year & my resolutions. Also a lot down to the fact that I’m a student living in a vibrant city that I love. Now if only there was a kind of high-paid job I could work towards that involved playing guitar, juggling, drawing and/or any of my other hobbies… I’d be over-loaded with motivation & productivity. I don’t want to be behind a counter.


I’m thinking about jobs a bit now because I’ve been looking for my accommodation for next year. I’ve been advised that 1-person flats are the most expensive, closely followed by 2-person flats. It’s only when you get to 3 or higher that you really start to see savings. That and small, not too expensive flats are few, if not non-existent between the Bay & city centre. Basically, I’ve been advised to share with 3 or more people & look for houses further north. But I’m still hoping. Maybe someone in the family will win the lottery or find buried treasure (if anyone, I’m betting it’s my brother – he has the Indiana Jones Factor), or maybe an amazing job will come along that’ll pay well & be creatively stimulating, or maybe I’ll find a perfect flatmate with loads of dosh who’d be willing to split the rent unevenly. And who’s lovely of course. If you’re reading this Mr/Miss Perfect Flatmate, I’d only share if you were interesting and/or lovely & our lives complemented each other enough – I wouldn’t use you for the money. Though we would need some.


It’s a bit of a waiting & staying informed game. *Sigh* Still, at least I’m not out “on the lash” every night, wasting money on cute clothes or lying in bed all day. Who knows, maybe if I save enough on my spending I’ll be able to afford a good place? It’ll all work out somehow. Eventually.


Off to watch Disney.


Sleep tight.


I’m happy-tired. Great. Been stress-tired for too long now, but we finally have the family home to just the family for this Christmas break. Now the only reason I’m tired is that I didn’t sleep last night, not till about 5 am anyway. I read a whole book. I really hate insomnia, but that’s a nice thing to have done.


Today, we all checked last year’s resolutions & made some new ones. I did pretty darn well! I got into the University I wanted, settled down nicely, gave more time to my hobbies, watched over 100 films and started this blog. Great. My new ones are quite ambitious on the getting-things-done front, probably because of all the Sherlock Holmes media that’s entered my system in the last month (3 books, Guy Ritchie film & new BBC series, all great). Good role-model for ambitious people who can’t help but be lazy.


For my Hobbies:

I’ll keep blogging, starting today, 3 times a week, for the whole year unless I have good enough reason to be away.

I’ll generally get better at all my favourite hobbies, especially guitar, juggling, magic tricks and drawing. I’ll get practically well practiced in hypnosis and get myself a proper music practice room for all my guitar & vocal needs. Might buy a ukelele. Hoping to get back into acting now that I’ve learnt to take in compliments – apparently I’m good at acting.

I will read 100 books or stories. I serious doubt I’ll make this one, but who knows… maybe if you reach high you’ll find exactly what you didn’t expect to up there. Worth a shot anyhoo and I’m at 3 already this year. Do video games count as stories? Hmm. Maybe I should count visual novel style games. In which case I’m at 5 already. Bring it on.

I will write one book.




For University:

I will get my work done ASAP. I’ll start work the day it’s set and get it all out of the way at least within the week. No more last minute rushes. I’m abandoning my greatly honed expertise in brinkmanship.

I will be more focussed. I’ll do my best to make sure no day is wasted. There’ll be more of those wonderful days where I wake up, do personally important things for 10 or more of the hours I’m up for, and then a well-earned sleep with a good book and dreams about being admired by celebrities I admire.

I will apply for and hopefully get in to our department’s exchange student programme. If I’m one of the 2 people per year who are successful, I’ll be spending this coming semester of next year in a US IV League University. At some point I’ll also have to decide whether this is what I really want to do (fantastic opportunity, but I worry that certain other opportunities back in Cardiff would then be closed to me…).

I will take advantage of the University. I’ll look into other courses & see whether there’s anything I want to get more informed on – I’d love to know about forensic sciences & criminal pathology, both for my current writing project and for my own morbid curiosity. It’s always good to have reasons other than ‘curiosity’ to go looking at dead people. Also I’ll go to more societies to try out other skills, like ballroom dancing.



On a personal aside, I’d like to spend more time going to relaxing places and being relaxed. It’s great for writing inspiration and a general feeling of good wellbeing and worth as an individual. Can’t explain why self-worth, but it’s true. Go to a café & spend 30 minutes with one mug of tea, a notepad and a view of people passing by or nature. Appreciation in simply being in a beautiful, moving world makes you feel better just being you, regardless of who you are or what you do if anything. Well would you look at that – I explained it.


I just knocked my lampshade off my lamp. For a half second I was all crazy panic & all that, then I remember-realized it was just a fez I’d put over a bare office table lamp to make it less glarey. Plus it gives a nice warm red glow. I better go sleep now. I don’t want another sleepless night, even if it does bring me up the book-reading quota.


Good night, and here’s to another full year in which the world doesn’t end but in fact just gets better. Sweet dreams oxo

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